Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Robbie Officially Back in Action

Robbie injured himself on July 13th playing ball in the park on a run out to get it.  After much stress and vet visits, the person he sees for chiropractic adjustments finally narrowed it down to the area around his sacrum.  He definitely pulled muscles but could have also irritated a disc too.

We took agility class (and trials) off, resting him for a minimum of two months.

Robbie actually resumed agility class on October 8th.

We entered our first agility trials since June.  So far, we are set to return to the ring on Thanksgiving weekend.  I can hardly wait to run with him.

He visited Dr. Hansen yesterday and received a clean bill of health.  We are back to him needing a chiropractic adjustment once a quarter, unless something is up that needs more immediate attention.  The most likely situation would be his little sister, Ghilley, causing trouble with him.  But it appears so far, so good right now.


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