Sunday, October 04, 2009

Starting to settle in

We had some moments of chaos, mostly related to MacDuff and Robbie on edge with each other.

But things are starting to feel like they belong together.  Feeling more at ease with things.  Still being cautious with the condo-thing but not as paranoid.

Ghilley gave me a scare Sunday morning.  My condo patio (1st floor) is large (size of a driveway that can fit 4 cars) with bushes and flower beds, patio furniture, etc.  It is fully fenced with the immitation wrought-iron material.

Robbie was able to fit through the bars as a puppy so it makes sense that Ghilley can.  Once she figured it out, she has been single-minded with escaping.  Consequently, all trips outside, even on my fenced in patio, are with Ghilley on leash.  Makes it a little more inconvenient but safety is safety.

During many of my trips outside with Ghilley, both Duff & Robbie will still be inside, waiting at the sliding glass door.  Ghilley is always excited to go back inside to them, so I will sometimes unhook her and open the door so she goes in.

I followed that same mode this morning (around 8am).  No sooner had I unclipped her than she decided to make an immediate right turn and beeline for my fence adjacent to my neighbor's patio.  Zoom, she was through the fence before I could grab a tail.  Not to worry, I thought, as I bolted for my gate to hit the sidewalk.  I heard her little body go through more fencing and noticed she was on the sidewalk too, running fast down the sidewalk as I sprinted, calling her name.  Two weeks with me and at age 16 weeks does not guarantee any type of recall right now.  She paused to sniff a bush and I had her by the scruff, pulling her up and in my arms as I walked back home.  I was not angry with her but relieved that the situation did not end up worse.

Proof again of some of the difference with this puppy.  Again, at her age, I had owned Duff & Robbie for 6 weeks by this time.  They are also boys and a little more willing to honor my commands.

We came back inside, I filled up her kong with kibble and calmly crated her so I could get my wits about me.

I pottied both Duff & Robbie, readied my things for a long hike with all three, released Ghilley and we went on about a 4-mile walk, with all three dogs taking turns riding in my heavy-duty stroller (not the toy dog version).

It was a ncie way to exhaust everybody.

Relaxing tonight, surfing channels and currently rewatching the Iowa-Penn State game from last weekend.  Never can get enough of the Hawkeyes!

Have to mentally prepare for a headache of a week at work.  My boss is back from a furlough week and last week, in her absence, budget targets and such were not provided so we'll be doing double-duty tackling budget tasks on top of 3rd quarter close and reporting.


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