Monday, October 05, 2009

Let the teething begin!

Ghilley is regularly on the prowl for anything to chew.  But now, the official game has started.  I went to put papers towels down on the kitchen floor to go under the dogs' water dish.

I had recently mopped and the floor was dry to replace everything.  Upon going to get the water dish from it's temporary location and then bringing it to the kitchen, a little puppy blur went by with a flash of white.  I looked down at the spot to put the bowl and the paper towels were gone.  My impetuous little girl had swiped them within seconds of my putting them down.  She is quick!

I put down new ones, replaced the bowl and went to retrieve the "chew toy" from Ghilley.

I noticed a little blood on one small part of the towel and checked her mouth to see one front tooth is gone.

So, it is now time to introduce the little girl to the wonders of ice cubes.  I placed an ice cube on the floor and pushed it to her.  That was all it took.  What a wonderful little toy for her.  She had a blast biting at it, watching it shoot away and pouncing on it.

The wet frozen wash clothes will be next for supervised chewing with me around.  I may wait until it is time for the molars, though.


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