Monday, October 12, 2009

Refuelling weekend and agility class returns Thursday

After a brutal week at work (70 hours by the time Friday ended), I was able to refuel over the weekend.

Saturday was a bit busy.  Started off with a 9am swim for Duff and Robbie at Splashdog (, followed by acupuncture for both boys as well.

Then, we headed to drop off some things at Golly Gear ( where Ghilley was kidnapped by the owners for some doggie modeling pictures.

Back home we went to drop the kids off and then I headed out to Willowbrook for a pilates session with my older sister, Anne.

Home again, showered, fed the dogs and then off to meet some of my agility buddies for dinner at L'Woods restaurant and dessert at a friend's house afterwards.

Sunday arrives with a vengeance as I step outside at 6am with the dogs to find that it has suddenly turned into winter.  That is a brutal wakeup before a cup of coffee in the morning.  Duff and I share the same opinion, "winter can wait."

I kind of jump right into things on Sunday, bringing things down to my storage locker, pulling out one of the boys' old vari kennels to use for Ghilley now.  She's grown enough that I would like to see her stand without ducking her head.

Everyone gets walked and I suddenly find it is 11am, I am tired from the exhausting week and a busy Saturday.  Both Duff and Robbie look game to settle in for a nap.  Trouble is, that pesky little girl is wired and does not look ready to settle down anytime soon.  We traverse upstairs anyway, and I put Ghilley in her crate with a filled kong.  She would rather be loose but it is clear to me that she is intent on playing and exploring.  If I am going to rest, she needs to be on the bed.  We manage to catch some rest, about an hour and a half.  Good enough to refuel.

Playtime for a bit, lunch and then I am off to make a quick grocery run.  Return, unpack and then plan for a long walk (2 miles).  Prior to the walk, we run into Ghilley's buddy Izzy, a Shih Tsu.  They play about about 30 minutes.

Duff gets packed into my backpack (the stroller is still out of commission) and Robbie & Ghilley lead the way on the walk almost to the Northwestern campus.  We walk up to the point of a park filled with oak trees and busy squirrels.  Ghilley has quickly learned that these little guys are a blast to chase.

We get back and the little girl is still wired.  How soon I forget how tireless puppies seem most of the time.  The boys want to crash, and do just that.  Suddenly, the little bundle of energy plops down by Robbie and soon finds that she cannot keep her eyes open.  She is soon stretched out on her side and fast asleep.

The evening was fairly uneventful.  Everyone had some crate time with marrow bones while I vacuumed and steam-cleaned my area rug.  Then it was outside and back in for Duff's swim.  Robbie and Ghilley are quite alright with the deal.  They get some peanut butter too.

We have no outings planned the rest of the week, but I hope to put in more normal hours (45-50 hours).

We resume agility class this Thursday.  We have been off for 3 weeks while our instructor has been away.  Duff has had some practice.  Robbie has not had formal agility class since he hurt himself in July.  He is definitely primed to return as running over some equipment at my friends' place ( he showed a load of enthusiasm.


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