Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Stress and stress relief

I have described how I added Ghilley (somewhat unexpectedly) to my household at a very busy time in my life, at work.

Well, the busy time seems exponential right now given a complete breakdown of organization at work due to a lack of leadership (at the top).

Last week, we should have been adjusting next year's budget which is a lot of busy work.

That did not happen.  Instead it was delayed until this week.  Trouble is, in addition to the full-time aspect of budget changes, we have 3rd quarter close and all of the final reporting that takes place with that.

Both of these tasks are full-time plus work.  I am spending a lot of time on work-related things but know things at home are okay with multiple dogwalk visits.

Still, though, by the time I get home, I am spent.  I need to pull myself up and spend time with the dogs.  They do not know about the workload.  They only know they are happy to see me.

Good thing I find nice long walks relaxing, even with a new puppy who is a little nuts on a walk.

I also need to contend with Duff, who does not enjoy long walks as much but likes to come along.

I have two solutions, a stroller (picture to be included on some future post) which is robust and does fit everyone, if needed.  The second is my backpack shown below in the picture from my Colorado trip two years ago.

Duff does like riding in the backpack.  He sees everything from high up.  Usually, on a long walk, he lets me know when he wants to get down and walk.  Last night, he was content to let Robbie and Ghilley manage the very windy walk the whole way (1.5 miles roundtrip).


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