Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Squeezing in time for obedience

So far, a more realistic week appears to be here (10 hour days).

Got home from work and errands and tried to figure out logistics for the night, to include a workout for me (last week was tough to fit in).

The unexpected rain ruled out a nice long walk.

I continue to feed Ghilley by hand while her brothers eat in their crates.  She has to work for her food and realize it is associated with me.  We are using these opportunities to reinforce "sit", "stand" and finally "down".  I was a little worried that "down" was going to be an issue.  I had started to put my hand on the ground and hold it there a few days ago.  Patience, Betsy, patience.  My pal and agility instructor, Dee, (http://www.chicagoagility.com/) confirmed that I should do it that way.  She's popping into a down much quicker now.  I forget how quickly puppies pick up on things and she is a smart girl on top of it too.

She is also realizing that the crate is a good place, too, and we played some more of Susan Garrett's "crate games" prior to my having her there while I worked out.  Ghilley is not conducive to aerobics when she is loose.

Duff also had a good swim last night. He has been a little more difficult with his makeshift pool in not wanting to kick with his hind legs.  The reason I swim him is for conditioning his hind end.  Two years ago, winter was brutally tough on him and he lost all muscletone.  Last year, we had the 75 gallon tub that served as his exercise (pictured below with a bar used only for picture purposes, I hold his life vest during each session).


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