Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chaos comes in small packages

Welcome Ghilley!

I decided to add a bit of chaos to my Border Terrier family on September 18th in the form of a 14-week old cute and confident little girl named Ghilley.

MacDuff (due to turn 14 on Oct. 21st) and Robbie (10) have certainly taken to the little girl but we are still working things out.

Last night (September 29th) Ghilley proved to me the difference between a little girl puppy and a little boy puppy.

After about 30 minutes of active play with Robbie involving wrestling and running around, Robbie was ready for rest but Ghilley was still full of it.  While I protected Robbie on the couch, Duff came off and was immediately pounced on by Ghilley.  He snapped his jaws so heavily that his teeth made an audible chomping sound, missing her, thank goodness.  She remembered that the rules with the old man are a little different.  Pay him respect.

Well, Duff returns to the couch, on the other side of me.  Ghilley's favorite spot is at the back of couch, typically over Duff on the way up.  She hestitated to go past the old man, at first, but eventually did go up.

But the fun was not over yet.  She was still trying to get Duff to play, albeit out of range of his impressive chompers.  Finally, she decides to let out an ear splitting bark the likes of which I hope to never hear again.  That was enough to prompt Duff to leave the couch.  I look at her and wonder what her next move is.  Well, she decides to make a little nest on the pillow he just vacated and hangs out there.

The little girl just manipulated my alpha dog into vacating his place.  I looked at her and said, "you little brat."

I am still not sure if I liked that move or not.  ;-)