Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What Happens when Ground Hog Day Falls on Snowmegeddon?

Chicago is bracing for what the media hungry meteorologists would suggest is the end of the world (or "snowmegeddon").

Looking at the weather maps, I would have to believe that these folks may be correct.  We are going to get hit with a minimum of 18 inches of snow up to potentially 24 inches of snow.  Heck even media whore, Tom Skilling, may be correct and he rarely is in his desire to get air time.

Do I sound like I am fed up with the meteorologists or what?  ;-)

They do tend to like to sensationalize everything.  They almost caused widespread panic in early December when I was in Milwaukee for a 4-day agility trial. I was driving home having family and friends call me in concern of the conditions. I looked around at the clear and dry roads and wondered if they were smoking something illegal.

Amidst all of the snow panic, successfully diverting us from a much bigger issue, like Egypt, is the realization that Ground Hog Day is tomorrow.

Typically I do not give much credence to the nonsensical ceremony behind all of this.

However, I do wonder about what the result will be for tomorrow.  My understanding is that the fuzzy Border Terrier prey comes out and if he sees his shadow and goes back in, we are doomed for another six weeks.  Frankly, at the beginning of February in the mid-west, you are delusional if you do not think we have six more weeks of winter.  Hello?!

So, every Ground Hog Day, we want the sun to disappear so the rodent will not see his shadow and will, instead, stay outside.

But what happens during Snowmegeddon?  I honestly would not expect the pudgy rodent to even come out much less stay out.


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