Monday, May 24, 2010

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Ghilley and I showed in conformation at our fifth show since starting in late January 2010. Our schedule has been interrupted, at times, for agility trials as my older dog, Robbie, is within striking distance of his 2nd master agility championship (MACH2).

When I showed Ghilley in January, it was the first time stepping back into the conformation ring in about seven years. I had a few conformation classes with Ghilley under my belt but I was still not sure of anything. Ghilley was a little uncertain as well. We made a bit of a mess of it. Nothing humiliating, mind you, but not ideal.

Since then we have been trying to get our act together with my stride to show off the best gate for her. Additionally, Ghilley is not sure she is a fan of the table. She does not mind having her bite examined but it is the entire table placement exercise that puts her off. We are still working on me not having to hold her under her neck. I am trying to morph into being able to hold the lead above her head instead but we are not quite there.

Sunday was probably the most relaxed that I have felt and it either translated to Ghilley or she sent that feeling up to me.

Whatever it was, it felt good to walk her around the ring and she was gorgeous on the table.

Ghilley is such a pretty girl. I find myself just gazing at her unable to take my eyes off of her. I gazed like that at Robbie, too, handsome boy that he was (and still is).

But it is more than just looks that this pretty girl has. She has a lot of energy and sass. She is unbelievably appropriate with other dogs. Sometimes she comes in with a little too strong with some dogs. It seems to be the case with the little ones or more timid ones.

Dogs with a little more confidence she comes up to very politely and will move on her side to show she is no threat. She does this especially around other Border Terriers. She had a blast playing with someone's pet Border Terrier in an x-pen.  The both lay in the grass and mouth-wrestled for quite awhile.

Her confidence has actually translated to Robbie, a bit. I still keep Robbie on a cautious lead but he has been the "Hello, nice to meet you" guy with his fellow Border Terriers.


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