Friday, April 16, 2010

Timeout for Family

My uncle Roger (pictured above) was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer a year ago.

His aim, a year ago, was to make it to his 75th birthday which was October 15, 2009.

Well, Roger has survived to see not only his 75th birthday but Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, etc.

He has celebrated a year of living with this lethal disease.

During that entire time, he has gifted those of us close to him with weekly updates that have become quite insightful and profound as he has truly learned to not only live with his cancer but accept its eventual path.

The update we received today was from his oldest daughter, Barb.  Roger is no longer mobile or up for typing up his letters as he now boldly faces the final stages of this cancer.

My blog post is dedicated to him and to ask for God's guidance as Roger contends with an ever-weakening physical state of being.  I have absolutely no doubts that his spiritual state of being is sound and he is ready.

I am not typically moved to preach religiously or where my religion on my sleeves.  I was raised as a Catholic and while I do not regularly attend church services I do feel strongly about my faith.  I am whole-heartedly Christian and believe in the afterlife.

I believe that the eternal life Roger faces after his life here, on earth, will be far greater, though it is a bit frightening to contemplate.

His family, including my dad's sister Sharlene, his chidren and grandchildren and the remaining extended family to include my family (my mom has always been close with her fellow "outlaw", Roger) will miss him terribly.

We all know he will be in a better place, but we will hurt for the loss of him.

God bless you and guide you Roger Geraghty.  Peace.

God bless my Aunt Shar and my cousins as they help Roger through this and learn to cope with his physical absence.  He will always live on through memories and, trust me, you will feel his presence.


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