Monday, January 18, 2010

Ghilley grows up

It is a good thing that Ghilley is a dog.  If she was not, my blog post would be very humilitating.

Nothing is worse than a mother bragging about her little girl growing up.

Well, I get to experience something for the first time, just like Ghilley.  Her first heat cycle.

Given the fact that my dog owning experience is limited to 14 years with male dogs, I am in unknown territory here.

Since I will be showing Ghilley in conformation, she must remain intact (i.e., unspayed) at least until she is done showing in conformation.

I did go through this with both Duff & Robbie.  Duff had about 1 1/2 years of showing before we stopped.  One can only get so many "reserves" before crying "uncle".

Robbie showed until he was 3 1/2 and earned his breed Championship, with me handling him the whole way.

His reward was a trip to the vet to relieve him of his baggage.  ;-)  Actually, had Robbie's temperament been a little more like Duff's I may have tried to campaign him as a stud dog.  Alas, his temperament is a little twitchy and not something you want to pass onto puppies.

I digress, as usual, though.

Ghilley came into season on Sunday so we get to muddle through everything for the next few weeks together.

I could tell she feeling unsettled this morning, stretching out on her belly and moving around restlessly.  She has my sympathy.

We will save the little panties for nighttime, if loose, with me or when we are out.  Otherwise I know it is healthier for her to not be covered up and she is confined when I am gone.

Now I wonder if some of that puppyish behavior will disappear or not.  We will have to see.  This will be one of many journeys Ghilley and I take together.


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